General Information

Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate and current research for the Information Technology industry. As part of Winston-Salem State Univertiy's subscription, Gartner provides users with access to the world's foremost repository of industry data important to IT. Such access includes insight on technology, current and emerging trends, information technology vendors, technology enabled business strategies, market and business strategies, IT product and market company profiles, and more.

  • Faculty are able to bring timely, real-world case studies and content to the classroom, enriching the educational experience and providing students insight to the application of technology in solving business problems. Gartner provides information to keep faculty current on IT trends.
  • Staff are able to access information on how to improve infrastructure, validate technology decisions, analyze trends, research vendor qualifications, and understand best practices.
  • Students have access to IT industry information to give them industry specific content to meet course requirements and enrich their educational experience.


  • Any Faculty, Staff or Student that has a valid Winston-Salem State University email account.

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Support Information

Contact the help desk at (336) 750-3431 or submit a RamTech Ticket.